Recently Wortell has acquired Videobutler. A nice development. But why did Wortell acquire Videobutler? And how can you benefit from this as a customer? That’s what we will explain in this blog!

Wortell and Videobutler

Wortell: “We see an increase in the number of video meetings among our customers. Due to the quality of technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, more and more meetings run smoothly. At the same time, we do not (yet) live in a world full of perfect technology. The reality is that even with the best applications, it still regularly goes wrong. Who doesn’t know the widely feared video in which a video meeting falters, or participants are denied access?”

“Due to an increasing use in Microsoft Teams (which is increasingly becoming part of our strategy), we thought it was time to offer a service that proactively manages and supports video conferencing. If there are problems, they have to be solved quickly! To accomplish that, Wortell brought in Videobutler. With the core business: conducting online meetings. Videobutler’s “butlers” do this in two ways: by supporting boardroom and general meetings.”

When you organize a meeting where you really cannot run the risk of technical and organizational (dis) failures. The butlers offer a solution. With the services of Videobutler you are assured that the process surrounding the meeting runs smoothly from A to Z.

Services Videobutler

This is what we can achieve for your company:

Boardroom as a Service

If an international company organize a video meeting at management or C level, everything must be correct to the last detail. Especially when participants from multiple branches and different countries join virtually. And that is of course the case with a globally operating organization. In this type of meeting, a Videobutler is involved in all the preparations for the meeting: he ensures that all participants are checked in, that all meeting rooms are booked, that all connections work properly and that no time is wasted on technical problems. In short: with the help of the Videobutler, the meeting starts on time and runs smoothly.

Meeting Room as a Service

Many meetings take place within the company. If you organize meetings via Microsoft Teams, they will mostly work fine. But it can happen that a technical problem occurs. In such case, you can enable a Videobutler. When you enlist his help, he takes control of the meeting to quickly resolve the issue for you. Very handy, because this way you can continue your meeting in no time!


Would you like to know more about the services of Videobutler? We will be happy to come and show you the possibilities.

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