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Videoconferences are an efficient tool for carrying out meetings across the globe. That said, videoconferences are only productive when both the image and sound quality are good and stable. Only then can users effortlessly participate in a meeting that may last for several hours.

Furthermore, organising a videoconference needs to be very straightforward and simple. Any hurdle in that process may mean that the client wants to structure the meeting differently.

Important features

In addition to our talent for organising matters punctually and thoroughly, Videobutler offers its own data centre and encrypted cloud service with integrated key functions such as:

  • Virtual meeting rooms
  • Firewall traversal technology
  • Audio Integration (conference calling) and videoconferencing
  • Conference recording
  • Webcasting and webinar capabilities
  • Integration of various videoconference technologies
  • A wide range of solutions for mobile videoconference users
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