“With IMOTIONS, it is natural that video conferencing just works”

TOS (Transport & Offshore Services) is an international service provider for the maritime, offshore and wind energy sector. Since 1992, TOS has seconded staff and the company provides ship deliveries. The company of Dutch origin has grown to become a worldwide player. TOS has its head office in Rotterdam, local offices in Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia and a joint venture in the Philippines. On a daily basis, approximately 800 professionals work for the company.

Worldwide personal contact

Ivan Wagenaar is manager of the Offshore division at TOS. “For our customers, we always want to have the right person in the right place, that is the quality that TOS stands for. This is why we interview all the people before we second them. Since both our customers and the candidates are literally located all over the world, from a practical point of view, it is impossible to conduct these interviews personally. Telephone interviews are not a good alternative; we want to be able to really see the people, so we can also experience the non-verbal communication.”

TOS carried out a test with Skype but that did not appear to be the correct solution. Working with headphones did not appear handy in practice and the image quality was not good enough.

Ivan Wagenaar: “Via-via, we heard about IMOTIONS and we immediately made an appointment. We instantly had a good feeling about the company and their approach. We were also very charmed by the fact that IMOTIONS deploy people with a physical disability as Videobutlers. And despite the fact that it was not cheap to purchase professional video conferencing equipment, it still turned out to be a good business case for us.

For the head office in Rotterdam and our largest branch in Poland, IMOTIONS supplied Cisco video conferencing equipment. The candidates can just use their PC or notebook with webcam at home. The communication takes place via the IMOTIONS infrastructure. The Videobutlers provide the candidate with a software video client and make sure that the technology for the interview is working properly, so we are never faced with unpleasant surprises. For us this works completely hassle-free: you hear it connecting and we begin talking immediately.”

The advantages

Ivan Wagenaar: “As well as the convenience, at the bottom line this provides TOS with a great deal of efficiency. We do not need to travel as often, partly because we just conduct some of the standard work consultation with our branches via video conferencing.

Furthermore, we notice that the pool of good candidates has increased. That is important, because they are our most important assets. We offer them an application process which does not involve travelling and that suits them well.

Finally, the speed has increased tremendously. The market expects that from you: you are given the assignment and must then supply good candidates quickly. With video conferencing, we can take action much more quickly.”

The experiences with IMOTIONS

Ivan Wagenaar: “IMOTIONS is a very accessible company. They supply a good product and the people are nice. The combination of professional video conferencing solutions and Videobutlers is the strength of IMOTIONS.

On our side, there are never actually any complaints, which is always a good sign. People consider it natural that video conferencing works. Here, internally, we no longer refer to it as video conferencing, but as IMOTIONS. It has become a concept, people say: “I’m having an IMOTIONS consultation soon.” “We no longer call it video conferencing. People say: “I’m having an IMOTIONS consultation soon.”


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