“IMOTIONS knows exactly what is needed to get video conferencing working for your organization.”

Commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the UWV employees’ insurance agency takes care of the national execution of employees’ insurances and provides labour market services and data services. The organization focuses on 4 core tasks: work, assessment, payment and data management.

The Facility Company of UWV is responsible for optimum housing and facility services for the approximately 21,000 employees in 95 premises in The Netherlands.

Video conferencing at UWV

Ton Breeuwer is Head of Business Control & Quality at the Facility Company of UWV. “We have already had video conferencing equipment from Cisco for more than 5 years – previously Tandberg – in use in 12 of our branches. This equipment was placed at the time to allow higher management in particular in the various premises to communicate with each other and the equipment was linked to an ISDN connection.”

However, the video conferencing equipment was rarely used. Video rooms were often used for meetings so the video facility could no longer be booked. Furthermore, the ISDN connections did not give the result and the image experience such as the employees experienced by now with Skype for instance. In addition, the existing contract ended and we had the choice of transferring to another service provider.

Ton Breeuwer: “We were faced with a choice: stop video conferencing completely or give a new boost to this means of communication by upgrading the technology and organizing a number of related matters. We decided to persevere. An important starting point was that this service not only had to be attractive to the higher management, but to all the employees.”

The choice for IMOTIONS

UWV wrote out a tender for the further development of the video conferencing facilities. Ton Breeuwer: “From the beginning, we were tremendously charmed by the formula of IMOTIONS: video as a service in combination with the Videobutlers. The fact that they used people with poor job prospects certainly appealed very much to us. We decided to give IMOTIONS the chance to demonstrate their services and prove themselves.”

The video rooms in the UWV locations became uniform and therefore recognizably furnished. In addition, along with IMOTIONS, UWV linked the equipment to modern, fast data lines.

Ton Breeuwer: “Our equipment was most certainly not yet dated from a technical point of view. As a result of these measures, we can still manage with it for a while. During a next phase, we will look at how we can link tablets to the system. In addition, in the future, we expect to deploy Microsoft Lync widely – first for chat and attendance information, later also possibly for video conferencing – depending on the broadband connection.

The prospects are certainly positive: at the head office, the video conference system is often fully booked and we are therefore thinking about setting up a second room there.”

The experiences with IMOTIONS

Ton Breeuwer: “The experiences are very positive. The people from IMOTIONS know exactly what is needed to get video conferencing working for your organization. They helped us with the correct set-up and the complex underlying technology. The connection is checked in advance and the monitors are already switched on at the start of the meeting. That is really what you call user-friendly, with no more complicated carry-on to obtain connections.

The people who work there are passionate, that not only applies to the Videobutlers but also to the management and the technical support. For instance, IMOTIONS has carried out a great deal of work for us in order to realize the connections via the new network.

Furthermore, there is a great deal of expertise available within the organization. They think from the viewpoint of the customer and are committed to achieving results. The communication is open and transparent and they deal with any issues in a very constructive way. Finally, their services have an excellent price-quality ratio.

The result is a real partnership, a firm customer-supplier relationship which we really appreciate. IMOTIONS is a company which actively participates in society and does its share by employing young people in receipt of disability benefits and giving them the opportunity to participate in society. This makes them an exemplary company for the UWV.”


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