The Doctor’s On The Way

Video consultation – The Doctor’s On The Way! offers the possibility of realizing a perfect video consultation between the doctor and the patient. Thanks to careful preparation, Videobutler has resolved all possible technical problems before the consultation begins.

Procedure Video consultation

A few days before the appointment, one of our Videobutlers will contact the patient personally. The Videobutler will ensure that the computer, tablet or smartphone is optimally set up for a consultation with the doctor. The Videobutler will then check whether the connection, camera and microphone are working properly. On the day of your appointment, a personal Videobutler will accompany the patient to the digital waiting room.

Patient-friendly consultations

A consultation with the doctor can therefore take place from the patient’s home or place of work. Organized and directed by Videobutler. In this way, both the patient and the doctor can concentrate on the consultation. Furthermore, the patient can be accompanied by a family member, carer or healthcare professional. Independent of the place whether these people are. The doctor can also allow several doctors or fellow doctors to take part in the consultation. The consultation can also be viewed again at a later time. Videobutler thus provides efficient and patient-friendly consultations. Safe, discrete, on time and completely stress-free.

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Video consults in healthcare

The Doctor’s On The Way.


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