Our Frequently Asked Questions about the Microsoft Surface Hub

How will it make my meetings more effective?

  • At any time you can pick up the pen (on the side of the Surface Hub) and the Whiteboard will immediately start.
  • Or you can select one of these three actions from the Welcome Screen:

  • Scheduled meetings appear on the welcome screen
    • The Surface Hub is a bookable resource in Exchange and will auto-accept any invite when there is no conflicted meeting.
    • With a single tap, you join your meeting. No login required.
  • Easy to use, fully integrated components:
    • Cameras are side mounted and have a wide field of view, so they capture the room and the person at the board
    • Mic array built on Kinect technology to detect speakers and eliminate background noise
    • Remote users will always be onscreen.
    • The entire screen will be shared in the meeting, no app limitations.
  • Connect your device wireless or wired
    • The Touch-back feature allows you to control the connected device from the Surface Hub, so you can lead a discussion from the front of the room rather than walking back and forth to advance slides
  • Ink-back allows you to annotate on content, even though the content is located on your connected device.
  • When you click I’m Done, the Surface Hub is fully wiped to ensures that you don’t leave sensitive content in the room

Can any app run on the platform?

  • You can run any Windows 10 Universal App natively from the Surface Hub which can be founded in the App Store.
  • You can share any Windows application (including desktop apps) from your personal device by connecting to the Surface Hub by cable or through MiraCast.
    • With Touchback and Ink-back, anyone can walk up to the Surface Hub and control their own device.
  • Default equipped with applications like Skype for Business, OneDrive, PowerBI, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • You can create your own business app with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Where can I put the Microsoft Surface Hub?

  • Any room will be transformed into a Collaboration Room.
    • Keep in mind that tables and chairs will not promote users to interactively work with the Microsoft Surface Hub.
  • Flexible design.
    • You can mount the Surface Hub to the wall or place it on a Rolling Stand to be more flexible with your deployment.
  • Open spaces.
    • Any user can start using the Microsoft Surface Hub, no login required.

What additional equipment is provided or required?

  • The Surface Hub includes 2 Surface Hub pens, and a wireless all‐in‐one keyboard
  • The mounting options has to be determined with the order: Wall Mount or Rolling Stand.
  • If you want to present using cables (HDMI, DP and/or VGA), they have to be ordered separately (not included with the Surface Hub

Can I add additional equipment?

  • You can add an additional USB camera with Pan-Tilt-Zoom features to be used within the Skype for Business session.
  • You can add additional USB microphones if the room setup requires this.
  • The Microsoft Surface Hub has a Dual Monitor output (DisplayPort) which can be used to connect a large screen or projector to the Surface Hub.
  • In-Room Control systems (for instance Crestron) are supported.

Do I need any software or licenses?

  • The Microsoft Surface Hub has and embedded PC which runs Windows 10 Team Edition, no additional machine license is required.
  • A Skype-for-Business license is required to use the build-in SfB client. This can be an On Premise solution or based upon Office365.
  • No Office licenses are required, any user can login in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneDrive and use it’s own account (and license)

What collaboration services come with the unit?

  • The Microsoft Surface Hub facilitates Skype for Business, OneNote, and Office that are optimized for groups and the large screen.
  • Interact with native Videoconference equipment can be facilitated through the Videobutler Service (Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, etc).

What kind of warranty comes with the unit?

  • Standard of one year limited warranty
  • Provides 90 days of software support for questions around usability and setup
  • Offers next business day phone/web/email support and third business day onsite hardware support
  • Warranty can be expended towards three years