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With traditional video conferences the emphasis is on the conversation. The sharing of content serves primarily as support. At Team Up Room it is all about the content, but also creating this content together. Work together in one space or work together from a number of locations. This new way of working together is also often referred to as ‘agile’ and ‘scrum’.

Increase the engagement level for your project. Organise short meetings where all participants are equal and there are no leaders. Working together directly and creating ideas as a team ensures a shorter time-to-market and increases your company’s speed of innovation.

The space: another way of working

This new way of working together requires a space that not only provokes and stimulates participants, but shakes them into action. Together letting creativity grow and flourish. A space that helps bring the strongest people to the surface, brings about a different mind-set, and directs the focus 100% on the creation of content. No standard conference table with the traditional meeting chairs around it, but instead……

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With the help of the newest technologies, not only do all participants feel engaged but new content appears on the shared screen within seconds. Via the enormous interactive tablet on the wall everyone feels like they have the freedom to (for example by swiping, turning, writing, etc.) contribute directly to the content that is being produced.

Simple sharing of content

Remote participants are always visible, can – wherever they are in the world – give their input, share content (also wirelessly) and see all notes as well as being able to make their own. Two cameras, placed wide apart, ensure a proper view of the entire space, in other words both of the participants as well as the content itself.

Easy User Experience

Because the Microsoft Surface Hub runs in a Windows environment, users are provided with a familiar look and feel and can very easily open and import content from other programmes such as Office. At the end of the session the notes are sent to all the participants in a digital format as a OneNote file and Microsoft Surface Hub itself ensures a clean screen. Ready for more good ideas and efficient brainstorming sessions!

Working with Microsoft Surface Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub: a whiteboard, PC, video conference systeem en screen in one!

View the technical specifications of Microsoft Surface Hub.

The bundles

Videobutler has for years been operating from the assumption that most users need help when using technology. Even if manufacturers do everything they can to make the operation as simple as possible. Simply installing new facilities in your meeting area is not enough to successfully implement new ways of working together. That is why Videobutler offers the following services for the Surface Hub:

Adoption and Use

Videobutler offers on-site support for launching the Team Up Room in your organisation. The psychological aspect of the new way of working together is introduced in a 1 day long Agile workshop, that is conducted according to the Train-the-Trainer principle: a number of key users are trained so that they can then train the rest of the organisation how to work in the Team Up Room. A scenario of an actual project in your company is used for this workshop.

App Development

Videobutler assists with the development of new Surface Hub applications for use inside your company. When, for example, this is not available, but is indeed essential for working together efficiently within your organisation. We facilitate the contact between you and the developer and keep monitoring the process until the application is implemented according to your wishes and you have started using it.

Room design

Videobutler works in cooperation with an architect to come up with a proposal of how to align the manner in which the space is set up with the possibilities that the Surface Hub has to offer. The Teaming Up, Working Together, Scrums and Co-creation are key when it comes to this. Based on the available space and any interior decorating style that may be present, we come up with a design that fits your budget. Videobutler manages the conversion of the space themselves as part of the project as a whole.



This personal assistant is available with just 1 push of the button.

The Videobutler:
offers support during the use of the Surface Hub
sets up video meetings for the users (also with external parties and other video conferencing systems)
controls the Surface Hub remotely

The Videobutler then advises you with regards to which Surface Hub applications are suitable for your company. We keep track of everything and inform you as soon as there are new applications that may add value to your specific processes and/or way of working.

Hardware, Site Survey, Installation and Configuration

The Surface Hub is available in two different formats, drivable or with wall mounting. Before the installation, Videobutler always conducts a Site Survey in order to make sure that the installation and configuration goes smoothly without any problems. You start to use the systems as quickly as possible.

Videobutler has developed the following Team Up bundles to help you successfully implement new ways of working:

Premium Bundel


from/ per month
  • Site Survey
  • Transport, logistics & installation
  • 3 years’ support
  • Surface Hub App Support
  • Videobutler
  • All Surface Hub Hardware(Screen and Accessories)

Ultimate Bundel


from/ per month
  • Site Survey
  • Transport, logistics & installation
  • 3 years’ support
  • Surface Hub App Support
  • Videobutler
  • All Surface Hub Hardware (Screen and Accessories)
  • Usage & Adoption

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