Social responsibility

The core of our work, videoconferencing, fits well into the worldwide desire for climate-neutral businesses. Travelling always comes at a cost, namely CO2 emissions. Videobutler helps its clients contribute to a healthier environment. Thanks to Videobutler, videoconferences have become very straightforward and we’ve been able to make an impact on the personal lives of our users. Spending less time travelling often benefits peoples’ social lives, but just as importantly it has a social impact on the lives of our employees. Our Videobutlers not only make a difference for our clients, but also for us as a company. They’re the driving force behind our unique service. Videobutlers do a job that’s perfectly suited to working from home, so we’ve chosen to employ people that have trouble in the job market due to physical disabilities.

The physical condition of our Videobutlers is not a limitation, but rather a potential for talent and drive that adds value to our customers’ experience and to our society. As a member of Social Enterprise NL, and as an active participant in social projects, Videobutler strives to be a valuable connection between people, environment, technology and society.


Videobutler works closely together with these social partners: