My name is Rein, I live in Schiedam, and since June 2016 I work for Videobutler. When I was 23 I’ have undergone multiple surgeries because of  my epilepsy, because of this I could not have a job for a long time. It appeared that, after more than a year, it was incredibly difficult to find one again. After having applied for over 140 jobs I had little hope. At this time I was invited by Videobutler for an interview, I’m still thankful for being given that opportunity!

Before my health issues started I was studying to become an English teacher in Nijmegen. While working as a Videobutler I speak with many English customers and I can put my education to good use. This is especially true, since I am part of the Videobutler Academy team and I get to train new Videodutlers! It is my ambition to further develop myself in the technical part of the job. This part of the work really interests me.

The trickiest part of the job is that you are in contact with other people all the time, this can be quite tiring for someone who, like me, is a bit introverted. We have a group of very friendly and welcoming people, this makes the culture of the company very warm and kind. I haven’t experienced this in a company before. When I am not at work I take long walks, I fitness and I play the table top role playing game Dungeons & Dragons with friends.