My name is Jelle. Since December 2017 I have been working as a General Videobutler. I live in Faro, Portugal, which makes my enrolment quite unique. For Videobutler it wasn’t a problem at all that I wanted to fulfil my duty from a foreign country. After a few good interviews and a short training period in the Netherlands I started working from home. I really enjoy the work because it is technical in nature, even though it is also a service industry job. Personally, I find it very important that technology is accessible for everyone just like a company like Apple does.

The challenge is to give the same experience to the customers of Videobutler. We build a bridge between people and technology, in an easily understandable way. Without the jargon you may expect from the regular IT support department. What do I find characteristic for Videobutler as a company? Diversity is accepted, supported and there is an eye for everyone’s talents. The team consists of very different people, but I think that is the strength of Videobutler. Everyone brings his or her own talents which makes us a very good team.