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Vlekkeloze videovergaderingen zijn een feit!

Wortell has acquired Videobutler: worry-free video meetings is a fact!

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Recently Wortell has acquired Videobutler. A nice development. But why did Wortell acquire Videobutler? And how can you benefit from this as a customer? That’s what we will explain in this blog!

Wortell and Videobutler

Wortell: “We see an increase in the number of video meetings among our customers. Due to the quality of technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, more and more meetings run smoothly. At the same time, we do not (yet) live in a world full of perfect technology. The reality is that even with the best applications, it still regularly goes wrong. Who doesn’t know the widely feared video in which a video meeting falters, or participants are denied access?”

“Due to an increasing use in Microsoft Teams (which is increasingly becoming part of our strategy), we thought it was time to offer a service that proactively manages and supports video conferencing. If there are problems, they have to be solved quickly! To accomplish that, Wortell brought in Videobutler. With the core business: conducting online meetings. Videobutler’s “butlers” do this in two ways: by supporting boardroom and general meetings.”

When you organize a meeting where you really cannot run the risk of technical and organizational (dis) failures. The butlers offer a solution. With the services of Videobutler you are assured that the process surrounding the meeting runs smoothly from A to Z.

Services Videobutler

This is what we can achieve for your company:

Boardroom as a Service

If an international company organize a video meeting at management or C level, everything must be correct to the last detail. Especially when participants from multiple branches and different countries join virtually. And that is of course the case with a globally operating organization. In this type of meeting, a Videobutler is involved in all the preparations for the meeting: he ensures that all participants are checked in, that all meeting rooms are booked, that all connections work properly and that no time is wasted on technical problems. In short: with the help of the Videobutler, the meeting starts on time and runs smoothly.

Meeting Room as a Service

Many meetings take place within the company. If you organize meetings via Microsoft Teams, they will mostly work fine. But it can happen that a technical problem occurs. In such case, you can enable a Videobutler. When you enlist his help, he takes control of the meeting to quickly resolve the issue for you. Very handy, because this way you can continue your meeting in no time!

Cisco Experience Center

Cisco Experience Center at Oslo

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Videobutler had the opportunity, together with Canon Europe, to visit the Cisco Experience Center in Oslo. In 2009 Cisco bought VC specialist TANDBERG and Oslo is still the beating heart for Cisco’s VC’s research and development. In two days, Cisco shared its vision, future plans and development insights with us.

Room Series product line

One example was the new Room Series product line (Room Systems & Room Kits). Cisco aims to add more functionalities in this series. The Room Series line is equipped with smart sensors that can provide information about the number of participants in that room but can also identify and even tag participants! Another additional feature is that the Cisco Touch10 (touchpanel) can be personalized via different macro’s.

More information about the Room Series products? Watch the video impression regarding the Cisco Room Series.

Tour Cisco

Passionate Cisco employees explained us how they develop their products. Every change in the product means a complete re-run of the technical tests to ensure the quality standard.

The design department shared information about different concept models and the stories behind the development process. Funny detail of the Room Series model is the upholstered finishing, which is related to one of the employee’s trousers.

Want to know more information?

Cisco is continuously improving and developing their Collaboration portfolio and we will see some new functionalities coming up in a few weeks. If you are interested and want to see for yourself what we can do with this product line, reach out to us and we will give you a personal demonstration in our showrooms in Amsterdam.

ROOMZ Workspace Solutions

Product Update: ROOMZ Workspace Solutions

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Videobutler is the first NL Authorized Partner for the ROOMZ Workspace Solutions which included ROOMZ Displays and ROOMZ Sensors to help customers to optimize the use of shared spaces.

What is ROOMZ?

ROOMZ is the most straightforward and easiest-to-deploy solution to support and create the agile work environments of the future. Right after installation, ROOMZ products will help you to maximize the usage of your shared spaces, while increasing work efficiency and collaboration. ROOMZ products can be serviced directly from the cloud or run completely within your own IT infrastructure.


ROOMZ DISPLAY will provide the right information at the right time, right where it‘s needed. Put an end to guesswork in corridors and let employees book available spaces right on the spot.


ROOMZ SENSOR will automatically release rooms if no one shows up for the meeting, while creating valuable insights based on the effective use of your spaces.

Videobutler about ROOMZ

Martijn Arrachart (CTO Videobutler): “With the ROOMZ Workspace Solutions we help our customers with the utilization of their meetingrooms. The ROOMZ solutions are battery powered and connected over WiFi which solves common Local Facility challenges. With the look and feel of an eReader, we bring an energy efficient device with a low ecological footprint into the meetingspace. Centralized Management from the Cloud makes it easy to deploy and manage this solution for our customers. We are convinced that the ROOMZ Workspace Solutions gives an extra dimension to the meetingspaces and is a great add-on to our portfolio.”

The ROOMZ Workspace Solutions will also be available in Videobutler’s MeetingRoom as a Service offering.

Our Showrooms

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Videobutler offers three different showrooms, for three different purposes and each with their own video conferencing system. Off course all video conferencing systems can be combined and connected to one another.

Virtual Meeting Room

The Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) provides a high-end Video Conferencing system (made by Cisco) which offers excellent audio and video quality for face to face meetings. Because of the ability of this high quality video conferencing system you will experience your meetings as if the speaker on the other end is right there with you. The Videobutler will support you by managing the schedule of the room, operating and maintaining the video system remotely and by making sure each meeting will start at its scheduled time.

Virtual Meeting Room

Skype Meeting Room

The Skype Meeting Room (SMR) involves a Logitech video conferencing system, which is linked to Skype for Business. This way you can easily have accessible unplanned meetings via Skype for Business. Because the room is completely designed for video conferencing, the user does not need to attach any cables to the system, it can be used right away. Combining the Skype Meeting Room with the Videobutler service can help you with inviting and connecting to other participants of the conference. This way the chance of a successful connection with other Skype users, or other external parties goes up considerably. The Videobutler is able to seamlessly connect different protocols and different video conferencing systems used worldwide, making sure your video conference will start without problems.

Skype Meeting Room

Team Up Room

The Team Up Room (TUR) is equipped with a Microsoft Surface Hub; a whiteboard, PC, video conferencing system and monitor all in one. The Microsoft Surface Hub improves the new form of collaboration. Users from different locations are able to team up and work with one another creatively to contribute to the development of content. The TUR has a design which challenges the participants and calls for action. The Videobutler can host videoconferences for you, help you with the use of the Microsoft Surface Hub whenever needed and is able to operate and maintain the Microsoft Surface hub remotely.

Team Up Room

Canon finds trust with Videobutler

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“Videobutler radiates experience, which gives us great trust”

Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. Today it is a global provider of a diverse range of digital imaging technologies for people, businesses and industry. Worldwide, Canon has three main headquarters (based in Japan, the United States and Europe) with 376 subsidiary and affiliated companies in total. More than 190,000 employees work for Canon on a daily base.

The need for webcasts at Canon Europe

Remco Geradts

Remco Geradts is Service Delivery Manager at Canon Europe and is responsible for all productivity services such as laptops, telephones and video conferencing. “Until recently, we had limited experience with webcasts within Canon Europe.

A little while ago we successfully implemented Skype for Business (SfB). The possibility to have virtual meetings with multiple users was received with great enthusiasm by our employees.”

However, because of the possibility to routinely have videoconferences with so many users at once, the need for even larger meetings increased greatly. There was now a requirement for more than the maximum of 250 people in one meeting, so we had to explore alternative technologies to organise such events.

The Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) already in place were not able to meet the demand for having so many participants in one video conference either.

Remco Geradts: “It all happened very quickly. Because of the arrival of new technologies within Canon Europe we were able to uncover a need which was not directly visible, and expectations have only grown since.”

Webcasts via Videobutler

There proved to be a need for having up to two thousand people in one video conference at once. After doing some research Remco came into contact with Videobutler. “Videobutler’s services met our needs perfectly and we already knew of their good reputation”.

To date, there are two scenarios in which webcasts have been used by Canon. One is a webcast with a live audience at an event location, where Videobutler provides a video conferencing system for one day which is suitable for flexible use. The second is one wherein a speaker talks publicly from his or her own desk, using the video conferencing infrastructure within Canon Europe. In addition, webcasts are also used for smaller specific projects.

In Germany, for example, the webcast service is frequently used by the Managing director to easily reach all Canon Germany employees in one session. The goal of these webcasts is to involve participants more, and therefore enable them to ask more questions. The title Canon Germany gives the webcasts: “Ask me anything” speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, Canon EMEA IT uses webcasts to reach the whole team in one session, as the team is located through entire Europe.

Experience with Videobutler

Remco Geradts: “So far our experiences with Videobutler have been very good. The staff there contribute, take active responsibility and make the process as easy as possible. Videobutler has been true to its slogan – Webcasts ‘as a service’. On occasion we have last-minute changes, but that has never been a problem. We know that a whole team are working behind the scenes to make our webcasts a success, but this remains largely invisible to us which as a client is exactly what you want.”

Videobutler opens office in South Africa

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We are proud to announce that on September 1, 2017 we open a new office in South Africa. Right in the middle of downtown Capetown we have created a beautiful showroom where we can demonstrate the latest in digital collaboration.
The address:

The address

Videobutler South Africa
512 The Studios, 112 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, 8001
South Africa

Surface Hub Misco Magazine

Team Up Room in Misco magazine

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The Surface Hub. The collaboration tool that you must have seen.

In the latest magazine by our partner Misco, attention is paid to the impressive Surface Hub by Microsoft. IMOTIONS regularly organizes demo sessions with Misco in our demo room Team Up Room in Amsterdam. With the Surface Hub, IMOTIONS also supplies its exclusive service the Videobutler for free for a year.

Read the complete article on page 30 in the Misco Magazine online.

Misco and Imotions work together on Videobutler

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Video conferencing is experiencing tremendous progress. However, setting up videocalls, especially internationally, can be a great technical challenge. The Dutch company Imotions has therefore developed the Videobutler, remote human help for organizing video conferences. The Videobutlers themselves are people with a physical disability who can do the work from their own homes. Imotions works together with Misco, which supplies the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Source: Dutch IT-channel

UWV pleased with IMOTIONS collaboration

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“IMOTIONS knows exactly what is needed to get video conferencing working for your organization.”

Commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, the UWV employees’ insurance agency takes care of the national execution of employees’ insurances and provides labour market services and data services. The organization focuses on 4 core tasks: work, assessment, payment and data management.

The Facility Company of UWV is responsible for optimum housing and facility services for the approximately 21,000 employees in 95 premises in The Netherlands.

Video conferencing at UWV

Ton Breeuwer is Head of Business Control & Quality at the Facility Company of UWV. “We have already had video conferencing equipment from Cisco for more than 5 years – previously Tandberg – in use in 12 of our branches. This equipment was placed at the time to allow higher management in particular in the various premises to communicate with each other and the equipment was linked to an ISDN connection.”

However, the video conferencing equipment was rarely used. Video rooms were often used for meetings so the video facility could no longer be booked. Furthermore, the ISDN connections did not give the result and the image experience such as the employees experienced by now with Skype for instance. In addition, the existing contract ended and we had the choice of transferring to another service provider.

Ton Breeuwer: “We were faced with a choice: stop video conferencing completely or give a new boost to this means of communication by upgrading the technology and organizing a number of related matters. We decided to persevere. An important starting point was that this service not only had to be attractive to the higher management, but to all the employees.”

The choice for IMOTIONS

UWV wrote out a tender for the further development of the video conferencing facilities. Ton Breeuwer: “From the beginning, we were tremendously charmed by the formula of IMOTIONS: video as a service in combination with the Videobutlers. The fact that they used people with poor job prospects certainly appealed very much to us. We decided to give IMOTIONS the chance to demonstrate their services and prove themselves.”

The video rooms in the UWV locations became uniform and therefore recognizably furnished. In addition, along with IMOTIONS, UWV linked the equipment to modern, fast data lines.

Ton Breeuwer: “Our equipment was most certainly not yet dated from a technical point of view. As a result of these measures, we can still manage with it for a while. During a next phase, we will look at how we can link tablets to the system. In addition, in the future, we expect to deploy Microsoft Lync widely – first for chat and attendance information, later also possibly for video conferencing – depending on the broadband connection.

The prospects are certainly positive: at the head office, the video conference system is often fully booked and we are therefore thinking about setting up a second room there.”

The experiences with IMOTIONS

Ton Breeuwer: “The experiences are very positive. The people from IMOTIONS know exactly what is needed to get video conferencing working for your organization. They helped us with the correct set-up and the complex underlying technology. The connection is checked in advance and the monitors are already switched on at the start of the meeting. That is really what you call user-friendly, with no more complicated carry-on to obtain connections.

The people who work there are passionate, that not only applies to the Videobutlers but also to the management and the technical support. For instance, IMOTIONS has carried out a great deal of work for us in order to realize the connections via the new network.

Furthermore, there is a great deal of expertise available within the organization. They think from the viewpoint of the customer and are committed to achieving results. The communication is open and transparent and they deal with any issues in a very constructive way. Finally, their services have an excellent price-quality ratio.

The result is a real partnership, a firm customer-supplier relationship which we really appreciate. IMOTIONS is a company which actively participates in society and does its share by employing young people in receipt of disability benefits and giving them the opportunity to participate in society. This makes them an exemplary company for the UWV.”

Inter Visual Systems and IMOTIONS combine forces

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Video conferencing is a solution which, in recent years, is increasingly part of the set-up of a meeting room. In order to support companies in optimizing their meeting processes and the use of their meeting rooms, Inter Visual Systems and IMOTIONS decided to join forces in a partnership.


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